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This rest area is the closest to the concert venue.

It is located in the Cidacos River Park as in the 2023 edition.

You can check its location here



Traiana is our new rest area that includes the same services as the Arcadia rest area.

This area is located in the humilladero de Calahorra, a few meters from the concert venue.

You can check its location here

In order to purchase this supplement, it is necessary to enter your ticket code since, once it is validated, it will automatically appear linked to it without the need to do anything else.

You can check the supplements linked to your subscription by clicking on the button below.

Este año el nombre de las diferentes zonas de descanso ha cambiado.
El antiguo Arcadia pasa a ser una zona exclusivamente de

Ahora el antiguo Traiana se divide en 2 zonas diferentes: 

  • Arcadia: marcado en naranja en el mapa.

  • Traiana: marcado en morado en el mapa.

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