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Rest area

The Holika festival camping area is a space reserved for rest and enjoyment always hand in hand with coexistence and respect. Always with patience and collaboration, the Holika camping area  will develop well thanks to the team of professionals who will take care of it, from the organization to the work team, we will develop services and platforms so that Everything works perfectly. 

So that there is no problem and the event can take place in the rest area, some essential rules must be followed. Holika is made up of holikers and each time this dream begins to get bigger. Help us by complying with the rules so that the third edition of the Holika rest area is a success.



General rules: 

- It is only possible to camp with tents.

- Attendees must follow the instructions of the staff to occupy the space in the rest area.

- The use of tents with a greater capacity than the number of occupants is not allowed. For example, it will not be possible to set up a tent for 4-6 people and only use it for two or three people.

- The roads, evacuation exits and emergency exits must be completely clear for the passage of people and vehicles.

- Anyone who accesses the rest area is obliged to respect coexistence and not disturb the rest of others *.Read for more information the decalogue of sexual freedom and respect

-Anyone who does not act in accordance with the normal rules of coexistence will be automatically expelled from the rest area and will be denied access to the rest of the Festival areas. 

- The organization will keep all common areas clean during the festival.


-All users must maintain their space in the rest area in hygienic and sanitary conditions out of respect for the community.

- The Holika rest area will be occupied in order of arrival until capacity is completed in an orderly manner. We recommend arriving as soon as possible to avoid crowds. 

- Use collection points and containers to store waste. 

- The Holika rest area will have cloakrooms, lockers, a supermarket, a pharmacy and mobile recharging.

- Failure to comply with any of the points of this regulation will be grounds for expulsion, even immediate. In case of expulsion, the amount of the ticket will not be refunded.

What the "Rest Area" pass includes:

- Includes access to the rest area and the common area where the supermarket, parapharmacy, restaurant area, bathrooms, showers, etc. will be located.

- Does NOT include access to the concert venue.

- Does NOT include any type of tent or sleeping bag.

- With this subscription you will be assigned an area according to your tent in order of arrival by the accommodation staff so that you can put up your tent.

Allowed items:

You will be able to access with chairs and a small table, always occupying the space that the organization staff delimits for you when you arrive.

- EThe entry of food and drink in plastic containers is allowed.

- Although the camping area already has shades, you can take your own awning but you can only place it if that area does not have it, and it is authorized by the organization's staff, always following their orders  and respecting the evacuation corridors, the emergency exits and/or access to the plots.


Prohibited Items:

- Access to the camping area with vehicles is prohibited.

Gazebos, umbrellas, tarpaulins, tents or other elements that represent a horizontal or vertical extension to the space of the tent may not be mounted.

- It is forbidden to make a fire and the use of camping gas in the rest area for safety reasons.

- The entry of animals, glass, metal elements, open bottles and utensils that may be considered dangerous by the organization is totally prohibited.

-  All kinds of unauthorized sales inside the camping area are prohibited.

Tents and layout:

- The maximum number of people that can occupy a store is 10 people.

- If 2 or more groups of friends want to camp next to each other, they will have to tell the accommodation staff once they are inside the rest area and the tents have not yet been set up.

- The size of the tent will have to be adjusted to the number of occupants who are going to camp, which is why the right of admission can be used if the lack of occupants in a tent is exceeded more than necessary.

- It will not be possible to reserve areas near your store, that is why if 2 or more groups want to be together they must enter the premises at the same time. The staff may direct any camper to occupy the area that was improperly reserved by other campers.

- It is not allowed to set up your tent in the evacuation corridors. 


- The rest area will be divided into 3 main areas:

  1. Main rest area:in this you can put the tents.

  2. Common area:in this there will be bathrooms, showers, cafeteria, food trucks, supermarket, pharmacy, lockers, mobile recharging area for power banks and much more

  3. glamping area:area where the tents are already pre-assembled for campers who have purchased glamping.

    1. This area can only and exclusively be accessed by people who have purchased glamping.

Glamping buyers will be able to access the 3 areas and rest area Subscription buyers will only be able to access the first 2 areas mentioned.

Purchase requirements:

- To access the rest area you will have to purchase the "Rest Area Pass" or any of the Glamping tickets.

- Next to one of those entries es COMPULSORY have acquired or acquired, the  "General Pass" or "VIP Pass" for the concert venue, without any of these 2 types of pass, the entrance to the rest area will not be valid.

- With the purchase of a GLAMPING tent it is not necessary to buy the "Rest zone pass" as the price of this is already included in the glamping ticket.

Dates and times:


- The stay in the rest area is from June 28 to July 2, 2023. 

- Access will be made mainly on June 28 in the afternoon, approximately from 6:00 p.m. / 7:00 p.m. in order to avoid the summer heat and give campers time to settle in correctly.

- Access is not exclusive for the 28th, it can also be done any day of the 5th.

- Throughout the afternoon of the 2nd, the campers will be evicted in order.



- The same regulations for minors apply as in the concert venue:consult regulations


- People with reduced mobility must write to and notify them at the time of ticket purchase. An usher will be assigned when accessing the rest area to help with what is necessary at the time of access.


- It is recommended that you purchase the "Safari" tent in the glamping area as it is spacious and open-plan.

- You can also request a contact telephone number for the assistance of the camping staff if necessary (The information will be given at the venue if required by the PMR).

Subscriptions and tickets:

- Like the rest of the festival passes, the "rest area pass" may have 1 name change.

- The glamping tickets cannot be renamed.

Specific Glamping regulations:

- The glamping tickets are purchased by store, that is, if there are 8 of you and you buy a Royale store, you will only have to buy 1 Royale ticket and enter the data of the group holder.


- This area can only be accessed by campers who have purchased a glamping ticket.

- The 4 types of tents will be set up in 4 different areas, which is why a couple with a "Basic" tent cannot be placed next to a group with a "Royale" or "Safari" tent o_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ "Deluxe" and vice versa.

- These 4 areas will be accessible to all glamping users.

- No tent can be set up in this area if it is not a glamping tent.

- Breakfast times will be announced on dates close to the festival to glamping users (whose store includes this service) and upon arrival at the venue.

-A deposit will be charged before access to cover expenses for tent breakage, mattresses etc...

- If the tent or any other object rented by the glamping service is brokenIt will be deducted from the deposit following the criteria described in the check-in document. If the amount exceeds the value of the deposit deposited, the difference must be paid at the time of leaving the area or legal actions and charges will be taken to the account number from which the reservation was made.


- The rest area will have 24-hour surveillance, although the promoter is not responsible for the theft or loss of objects in the musical venue andrest zone.

- There will be an area for 24-hour health care.

- The cleaning service will work 24 hours for a correct cleaning of the common areas.

- In the camping organization booths, on its main façade, and at the entrance to the enclosure, there are plans with the evacuation routes, situation of emergency doors, situation of concentration points in case of emergency and situation of safe outdoor spaces.

- We recommend using the lockers to deposit valuables. For your peace of mind and security of your belongings, deposit cash or valuables in this space.

-The public may be subjected to a search at the entrance of the enclosure in order to prevent the entry of unauthorized objects and narcotic substances.

- The buyer of any of the tickets to the rest area accepts that a search be made, following the guidelines of the Public Entertainment and Security Law.

- Some of the services such as the leasing of power banks, lockers and others, will be paid. The promoter reserves the right to modify, add or eliminate any of these services for organizational reasons.

Failure to comply with any of the points of this regulation will be grounds for expulsion, even being immediate. In case of expulsion, the amount of the ticket will not be refunded.

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