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Services and promotions

Promo notice:

None of the promos offered will be refundable (100% of the price is non-refundable) at the end of the festival within the refund period. Review the specific regulations on promotions in the entry conditions.



By spending €50/100/150 + GG in tokens we give you an extra €5/15/30 as a gift. 

In total, €55/115/180 will be loaded into your bracelet to spend at any festival stand (that accepts payment by bracelet).

In the purchase process, the promo tokens is automatically linked to your general, VIP or day ticket. Therefore, when you receive the bracelet, your recharged promo will already appear.

In order to purchase this supplement, it is necessary to enter your ticket code since, once it is validated, it will automatically appear linked to it without the need to do anything else.

You can check the supplements linked to your subscription by clicking on the button below.

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